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1. How do I book my dog into the Dogs At Home?

Please call our number shown at the top of the page

2. Do we need to meet first?

This is preferred so that everyone is happy.

3. What do I bring?

Please bring bed, toys, chews, treats and lead!

4. What exercise is given?

The dogs can be exercised in the garden all day, weather permitting. The dogs are also walked in the wonderful countryside surrounding our home.

5. What about on hot days?

The dogs have ample garden space to run around which also provides leafy shade.

6. What if the weather turns for the worse?

We bring them into our nice warm kitchen breakfast room.

7. Who cares for the dogs?

The dogs are cared by myself and my partner. We are all dog lovers and have over 20 years of experience with dogs!

8. How many dogs can be ‘checked in’?

We can care for up to 4 dogs at a time.

9. What if my dog becomes ill?

If your dog becomes unwell we will take it to your own vet or the nearest to us.

All vet fees incurred due to illness are the responsibility of the owner.

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